• Is there a minimum number of participants for each program?

    The programs proposed by GoOnBike were designed based on a minimum number of participants. However, groups with a lower number of participants can be considered. In this case, a proposal will be presented. 

  • Do I have physical capacity for these challenges?

    Physical condition is something that cannot be overlooked. If you do not make any exercise (at least 1 or 2 days per week) and rarely ride a bike, it´s not recommendable to participate on these adventures. To test your capability we suggest tours of one day. 

  • Considering that I am in good physical shape, what happens if I have a power outage in the middle of a trip?

    In all proposed programs, we provide, a support vehicle accompanying the group. This support vehicle is used to carry luggage but also to give support to the participants when they have physical problems, mechanical problems with the bikes and others. When this service is not requested, participants have to use their own means to solve any unexpected problem. 

  • Should I make some physical preparation before any adventure?

    If you are not a regular sportsman, the preparation just before the trip will not be enough. You should have some exercise practice 1 or 2 months before the adventure. That will help, for sure! 

  • Should I have any special concern about food?

    Considering that we are the engine of the bike, food is fuel! It’s desirable that during the trip you eat energetic food. The important is eating. Besides, one of the pleasures of these adventures is the discovery of new food or local cuisine! 

  • Do I need to have my own bike?

    No, GoOnbike can rent bikes and helmets. If the client using your own bike will be better because it is already adapted. 

  • What kind of bicycle do I need?

    It depends on the type of ride/adventure. Most of the programs proposed by GoOnBike are designed to use a mountain bike, since the routes are almost off road in rails where this type of bike makes the difference rolling safety and comfortably. 

  • Do I need to have a navigation device (GPS)?

    No, if you have a guide. In a free travel guide you need to have, at least, one of the members of the group should this equipment. A navigation device is always useful: it can help you guiding during the trip, but it can also help you to locate someone who might get lost along the way

  • It is necessary to take any tools and spare parts?

    You should take, as a minimum, a chamber air and a pump. Before any adventure, GoOnBike will give all participants a list with some useful things that should be taken. 

  • Do I have to have any mechanic knowledge?

    No, if you have a guide (available as an optional in our services). In case of failure, the assistance can be provided by the guide. However, if he cannot solve the problem, the participant will have to go to a specialty store. If the group chooses to perform the adventure without a guide, all failures or damages have to be solved by the participants. 

  • What clothes should I take?

    This information is provided by GoOnBike according to the destination and time of the year. An important point is to use shorts or pants with a good "cushion". Please be aware that you are going to be sat on a bike seat for some hours! The clothes for the end of the day are the ones each participant decides or likes to wear, but we recommend sporty, comfortable clothing. 

  • How can I carry my luggage during the adventures?

    In all proposed programs, we put a support vehicle. This will be used for luggage transportation and also as a support for any unexpected problem. Those who prefer to make the adventure without a guide, have to use special brackets on their bikes to transport their personal objects, clothes, etc. 

  • Adventures abroad requiring plane. How should I carry my bike?

    The bike is carried on the plane as special luggage. The bike must be properly packed in carton or specific bag for this purpose. GoOnBike can, as an optional, handle the bike packing. 

  • Is there any risk of losing or damaging my bike during the flight trip?

    Yes, as any other luggage. GoOnBike advises you to make an insurance for this specific trip/luggage.  


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