GoOnBike is a dream come true. 

The dream of his creator and the dream of all those for whom the bicycle is not something indifferent and love to travel. 

In 2007, Nuno Andrês realized that cycling can provide true and intense moments of fun, combined with a cultural component. The idea of this project started when a friend invited Nuno Andrês to participate in a bike marathon, that annually takes place in Portalegre. During the course, he realized that this kind of tourism can bring a lot of fun and it allows people viewing things that can´t be discovered using the car, the plane, the train, etc… 

Never visited places, the direct contact with nature, the smells, the local people… well, something that cannot be described, things that can only be perceived if we live it. 

Since then, he began to organize some bike trips for a group of friends, always with the goal of knowing and sharing fantastic places. Places unreachable by car. The success was enormous and gave them encouragement to continue. 

So, after all this, GoOnBike was created: to share all its tours and trips with everyone who wants to make this concept a way of knowing what nature can offer us, and feel sensations and emotions never experienced before.

In GoOnBike the respect for the environment is also a key factor. In all places visited, some of them in the splendor of nature, there is a constant concern to preserve and ensure that our cross does not affect Nature.


Promote active, sustainable tourism with a focus on health and wellness.


Being a reference entity in the concept of cycling adventures.


Passion for Bikes, Adventure and Nature, Creativity, Professionalism and competence, Environmental Responsibility